Cabin Crew Careers

Cabin Crew Training Courses

Cabin Crew Courses

The cabin crew training offered by our Academy in the UK and Ireland includes the following courses (click below):

Cabin Crew Academy

Active Aircrew Academy delivers professional cabin crew training courses for both new cabin crew and experienced cabin crew. Our cabin crew training and flight attendant programmes include our one day Cabin Crew Foundation Level Course, ideal for those starting their careers, a nine day UK CAA Approved Cabin Crew Initial Safety Training course, resulting in the issue of the Attestation in accordance with European regulations OPS 1, and our two day Corporate VIP Cabin Crew & Silver Service course ideal for cabin crew looking to develop their skills and knowledge of VIP / Corporate flying and a one day Career Development and Presentations Skills course aimed at developing knowledge and confidence for job seekers and those applying for promotion.

We also offer Instructor Training Techniques courses for cabin crew looking to progress their careers into a training and development role.

Cabin Crew Training - Training Methods & Instructors

All our training courses involve a variety of training and instructional techniques designed by learning and development experts. The courses involve lectures, presentations and practical exercises. Our training team is made up of experienced cabin crew instructors and colleagues who have worked in cabin crew recruitment and managed.

Learning Materials used on our Cabin Crew Courses

All course delegates receive informative and detailed course reference manuals to help with their learning and development, and for future use as a reference guide.

Certificates for Attendees

All  cabin crew course delegates successfully completing the training courses will receive certificates in both paper and electronic copy so that they may add these to their portfolios and resumes.

Course Dates

Click on the following link for details on the latest course dates for cabin crew and flight attendant training in the UK and Ireland.

Contact Information

Email us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us on 08700 672 757.